Writing Workshops

Everybody has to write – sooner or later – and not everybody comes readily to the task.

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind when drafting a piece of text for a particular audience.

Jim Howes has written for almost every audience imaginable, from scientists to greeting card readers, from students to green activists and from politicians to educators. Jim has a Master of Creative Media in Writing from RMIT.

He can put this experience to work for you by providing a tailor-made course in writing for you.

Jim will work with you to design a workshop or a series of workshops that will deliver to your group the tools needed to enhance their writing ability, whether for departmental communications or for secondary school English writing demands.

He can deliver anything from half-day to full-day to a series of half-day workshops, depending on what has to be covered.

Jim has presented more than 350 workshops and seminar addresses at local, national and international levels.