Jim Howes has more than 20 years’ experience writing for every form of media – print, TV, digital, web and film. His work has been published in several countries and has received a number of industry awards.

He has written for;

  • Government ministers
  • Government departments
  • Industry groups
  • Scientific organisations
  • Medical support groups
  • Charities
  • TV programs
  • Advertising
  • Animation

Jim is known for his creative drive, his ability to see the overall scope of a project, to know where his contribution fits and to deliver polished, well-targeted text on time.

He has had more than 100 books published under his own name and has written for more than fifty different organisations, some of whom you can view here. In publishing, Jim has steered to completion over 400 titles and seen many of them go on to win national and international awards, including a UN Humanitarian Award.

His services are available for all levels of work that require careful thought and creative output. He can provide service that ranges from copy only through to guiding the product through to publication or production.

Amazon eBook Titles

I’m about to release a series of eBooks through Amazon.com

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